Filip Arvid Jakobsson, Engineer / Developer

I'm currently a engineer / developer at Nomadic Labs where I work on programming language formalization and smart contract verification.

Formerly, I was a PhD research engineer at Huawei / University of Orleans. I have also worked with real-time systems at Systerel, and I have also had a start-up. I wrote my master's thesis at CEA, which was on optimization of memory monitoring in the run-time verification tool E-ACSL.

1 PhD Thesis: Automatic Software Verification of BSPlib Programs

Bulk synchronous parallelism (BSP) offers an abstract and simple model of parallelism yet allowing to take into account realistic communication and synchronization costs of parallel algorithms. It has been used in many application domains. BSPlib and its extensions are programming libraries for the C language that implement BSP.

My thesis, which was co-supervised by the University of Orléans and Huawei, explores automatic methods based on static analysis for verifying partial correctness and other interesting properties of BSPlib programs. I designed, proved and implemented a static analysis for verifying correct synchronization. I also developed an automatic cost-analysis for imperative BSP programs.

I had the pleasure of being supervised by:

  • Gaétan Hains, Wijnand Suijlen (Huawei Technologies France)
  • Pr. Frédéric Loulergue, Dr. Wadoud Bousdira, Dr. Frédéric Dabrowski (University of Orléans, LIFO)

2 Publications

  • Thesis: Static Analysis of BSPlib Programs. PDF.

For my full list of publications, see HAL or DLPP.

3 Teaching

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